Herbalife Extravaganza 2013  /


/ Herbalife

Fields of activity:

/ Illustration
Large scale wall design
/ Photo-stand design
/ Collateral materials


Annualy Herbalife has a big event across EMEA to promote, launch new products, present the best seller country, give prizes and lectures /

The year of 2013 I was in charge of the HFF area /

The challenge was to create a area to display all the Herbalife Foundations across the globe and the number of kids belong the programmes and stimulate the donations for these institutions

Was created: HFF wall, hopscotch and stickers

You are an important part for the donation. After you contribute you get a sticker to be placed on the wall and signed to show that you are part of us. To have access to the sticker area was created a hopscotch from the balcony to the wall