Graffiti  /

This is a space to display some of my personal projects and what I enjoy doing on my spare time with my sketchbook and friends.

Stuff I used:

/ Spray can
/ Posca
/ Latex
/ & whatever I find it interesting

Project Parque de Juventude /

“Projeto Parque da Juventude” (Project Park of Youth) was a collaborative project where selected graffiti artists from Sao Paulo were invited to paint the new park built on the same place of Carandiru Jail after the demolition in 2002 – in Sao Paulo – Brazil /

My little girl /

Meninas da Rua /

Translated as Girls from the streets, is a movement created by a group of female graffiti artists that are involved with social projects on the streets and favelas.

We visit poor communities and favelas bringing craft materials, spray cans, pens and all sorts of tools for kids and teens learn how to do graffiti and at the same time teaching them the values of team work, respect, express themselves artistically and etc…

This project specifically was to bring some colour to family houses that cannot afford to buy paint for their home. /