Anna Massad | Herbalife EXTV 2014. Social Media

Herbalife EXTV 2014. Social Media

  • 16 Nov

  • anna

Herbalife event Extravaganza 2014 Prague.

Annualy Herbalife has a big event across EMEA to promote, launch new products, present the best seller country, give prizes and lectures.

The year of 2014 I was in charge off the Social Media area.

The challenge was to propagate Herbalife Instagram and Twitter, making the use of #HerbalifeExtravaganza and receive feedback in site.

Was created: An interactive wall with a tutorial of how to share your pictures at the event using Instagram and the #HerbalifeExtravaganza, a live wall with feed of the pictures taken in site and a booth area where the members who shared their pictures with the “#” could get their picture printed.